Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound Top Dog Norwegian Elkhound Top Dog
The Norwegian Elkhound originated in Scandinavia many thousands of years ago. These strong versatile hunting dogs were revered by the Vikings who used the breed for hunting bear, moose, elk and many other animals. Remains of this breed have been found buried alongside Viking remains and their weapons dating back to 5000 BC, which indicates this breed's value within that culture in ancient times.
Pictures of Norwegian Elkhound PuppiesPictures of Norwegian Elkhound Puppies
Today the Elkhound still is used in the Northern countries to track and follow wild game, including moose, elk, deer, lynx and wolf. Many of the pet owners of this breed have no idea that indeed it is a hunting dog with unique versatility for it will bay on the track, or creep in silence behind the animal, or attack with dodging and feinting to bring the animal down. Those who do hunt with this dog will insist that he can pick up the scent of the elk or moose as far away as three miles. He also is used on smaller game because moose and elk are not as plentiful as they once were and of course now there are established hunting seasons for these animals.
Norwegian Elkhound BreedersNorwegian Elkhound Breeders
Norwegian Elkhounds are beautiful dogs, with medium-sized bodies, a distinctive Spitz curled tail, and strong, athletic lines. Bred to hunt a variety of prey, they possess amazing stamina and can go strong for days at a time. Like all hunting dogs, Elkhounds have powerful jaw muscles and ears that move around the head to pick up sounds coming from many directions. They have wide, deep, muscular chests and front legs designed for quick bursts of speed. There are three varieties of the Norwegian Elkhound, all three are close cousins and have remained unchanged through the centuries. The Gray Elkhound is the one most familiar, then there is the Black (which is a slightly smaller variety) and the Swedish or the Jamthound.

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